Scientific Program

Friday, 9th December, 2022
08.30 – 08.45Welcome
Jörg Fuchs
08.45 – 10.00Session 1: New aspects of risk stratification

New aspects and clinical relevance of the COG neuroblastoma risk stratification
Meredith Irwin (Toronto)

New Risk stratification of neuroblastoma – common strategies between SIOPEN and GPOH
Prof. Angelika Eggert (Berlin)

How relevant is pathology for diagnosis and the decision making process in neuroblastoma risk stratification
Prof. Christian Vokuhl (Bonn)

Molecular genetics of neuroblastoma and its clinical implications
Matthias Fischer (Köln)

Chair: Steven Warmann & Mike La Quaglia
10.00 – 10.20Coffee Break
10.20 – 11.50 Session 2: Radiology and new aspects of diagnostic workup

Imaging in Neuroblastoma: Recommendations of the SIOPEN Radiological Committee
Irmina Sefic Pasic (Sarajevo)

18F-meta-fluorobenzylguanidine (18F-mFBG) in Neuroblastoma: Pros and Con
Bart de Keizer (Utrecht)

Combined metabolic and functional tumor volumes on PET/MRI in neuroblastoma
Maryanna Chaika (Tübingen)

Imaging of Gross Residual Disease After Surgery in Neuroblastoma: The COG Experience
Stephan Voss (Boston)

Early postoperative MRI after gross total resection: Tübingen experience and first results of a multicenter study
Sebastian Gassenmaier (Tübingen)

Chair: Stephan Voss & Jürgen F. Schäfer
Introduction: Jürgen F. Schäfer
11.50 – 12.50Lunch Break
12.50 – 13.50Session 3: Radiation Therapy

The envolving role of radiotherapy in neuroblastoma
Beate Timmermann (Essen)

The evolution of radiotherapy utilization in high risk neuroblastoma: Recent missteps and future directions
Dr. John Lucas (Memphis)

Results and complications of Radiotherapy in NB
Mark Gaze (London)

Chair: Rupert Handgretinger & Verena Paulsen
13.50 – 14.15Coffee Break
14.15 – 15.30Session 4: Immunotherapy / Car-T-cells

Development of an Anti-GD2/B7-H3 Bispecific Antibody to Improve Tumor Targeting, Reduce Toxicity and Improve Efficacy for Neuroblastoma
Paul Sondel (Madison)

Targeting T cells and radioisotopes using bispecific antibodies
Nai-Kong Cheung (New York)

Haploidentical stem cell transplantation followed by anti-GD2 therapy in relapsed neuroblastoma
Peter Lang (Tübingen)

Long-term Infusion
Holger Lode (Greifswald)

Chair: Angelika Eggert & Maja Beck Popovic
15.30 – 15.50Coffee Break
15.50 – 17.05Session 5: Free talks

Indications of the retroperitoneoscopy for neuroblastic supra renal tumors in children
Nicoleta Panait (Marseille)

Robotic assisted minimal invasive surgery for neuroblastic tumors – experiences from a tertiary pediatric surgical oncology center
Kai Breuling (Munich)

Contribution of 3D Imaging in the management of neuroblastoma with high surgical risk
Nicoleta Panait (Marseille)

Long-term outcomes of surgical treatment of pediatric neuroblastic tumors
Hilmican Ulman (Izmir)

Improving life quality by daily symptom assessment in neuroblastoma
Roman Crazzolara (Innsbruck)

Amplified N-Myc associated with non-malignant tumor: about one case
Meriem Oumaima Beji (Monastir)

Chair: Rochelle Bagatell & Chan Hon Chui
18.30Congress Dinner
Saturday, 10th December, 2022
09.00 – 09.20Key Note Lecture: History of Neuroblastoma Surgery
Mike LaQuaglia, New York

Introduction: Jörg Fuchs (Tübingen)
09.20 – 11.30Session 6: Surgery

Relevance of imaging and pre-treatment of HR neuroblastoma surgery
Jörg Fuchs (Tübingen)

Minimally invasive surgery for neuroblastoma: What’s new?
Sabine Sarnacki (Paris)

Surgery of ganglioneuroma
Sabine Irtan (Paris)

Complications associated with neuroblastoma surgery
Andrew Davidoff (Memphis)

Challenges in NB Surgery
Chan Hon Chui (Singapur)

The International Surgical Report Form and the complexity index for Neuroblastoma
Patrizia Dall'Igna (Bari)

The Methods of Local Control Quality Assessment after gross-total resection
Jan Godzinski (Wroclaw)

Chair: Sabine Sarnacki & Johannes Schulte
11.30 – 11.50Coffee Break
11.50 – 13.35Session 7: Clinical Trials

GPOH results of Neuroblastoma studies
Thorsten Simon (Köln)

Neuroblastoma trials Asia
Godfrey Chan (Hong Kong)

High-risk neuroblastoma from the COG perspective
Rochelle Bagatell (Philadelphia)

SIOPEN approach to low- and intermediate risk neuroblastoma
Maja Popovic-Beck (Lausanne)

Therapeutic strategies for high-risk neuroblastoma in Europe
Ruth Ladenstein (Wien)

Management of infant Neuroblastoma
Barbara Hero (Köln)

Chair: Meredith Irwin & Jan Godzinski
13.35 – 14.35Lunch Break
14.35 – 15.45Session 8: Basic Research

Evolving approaches to IL2-based therapeutics
Steven Gillies (Boston)

Downstream signalling pathways and ALK inhibitor resistance in neuroblastoma
Johannes Schulte (Berlin)

Cellular origin and genomic evolution of childhood neuroblastoma
Dr. Frank Westermann (Heidelberg)

Targeting SWI/SNF chromatin remodellers in neuroblastoma by SMARCA2/4 PROTAC-mediated degradation
Chun-Sui Kwok (Liverpool)

Free talks

Chair: Barbara Hero & Peter Lang
15.45Closing Remarks
Peter Lang